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Growing Businesses Through Digital Marketing

I grow businesses through innoative digital and techical marketing, with 16 years of experience in marketing at 11 years experience in managing marketing, technical and operational teams.

16 Years Multi-Channel Marketing Experience

I have self-started an ecommerce company, driven purely by SEO, ran marketing campaigns with global travel brands, and have built up 15+ years of digital marketing experience.

11 Years Senior Management Experience

I have started companies as a Director, worked as self employed and have run departments as a head of marketing, development and operations.

6 Years Experience Managing Development & Operational Teams

I have 6 years running technical and development teams. Project managing and guiding development with the largest travel portals worldwide.


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My Famiily Tree

I am activley interested in discussing any mutual ancestors from within my family tree. The family tree in current form goes back over 20 generations.